Calling All Sweep Prize Winners!

Now that we have reached the winter season, we are ready to pay out the accumulated prizes won over the summer in the weekly sweeps. There are three options available : Bank Credit : Account Credit : Cash.

Bank Credit – payment direct to your bank account – your sort code and account number will be required.

Account Credit – add your winnings to your account on the till and you can use it for bar purchases, toward next year’s membership, buggy hire, golf balls – anything we sell, basically.

Cash – Treasurer Graeme will make up envelopes to be collected from the bar. Please bear in mind the bar will be open only on Sundays from 11am to 4pm meantime.

A full list of all members who have winnings, and the accumulated amount, is posted in each of the locker rooms and in the locker room entrance area.

Please get in contact with the Club via Messenger, or with Treasurer Graeme on 07986 705357, to advise which method you prefer.